Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress

Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 1

I received this dress from my friend Tonia in Basel. It is not Japanese vintage but I like it very much and I think it deserves a feature on this blog. The dress is in clear 1930’s style so I am tagging it with 30’s even if it is probably not as old as that. I love the bias cut of the skirt with its uneven hemline (slightly longer on the sides and shorter in the middle). I also like the stylish sleeve placket, uncharacteristically placed at the back of the arm. A beauty!


Size: S
Material: Viscose
Label: King Louie
Condition: Excellent


Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 2


Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 3


Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 4


Lanz mini dress with green and blue honeycomb

Lanz mini dress with green and blue honeycomb 1


This stunning early 60’s sleeveless mini dress is probably an American import according to the manufacturer’s label, in flawless vintage condition. It is made of at least two layers of thick cotton fabric, padded and sewn so as to convey an interesting honeycomb texture to the dress. It is ideal for winter time. The dress opens with a long zipper along the back, the metallic buttons in the front are decorative. The unique belt held together with a navy blue cotton cord makes this dress a true fashion item. The neckline has a beautiful smoothly rounded shape. This dress has a fitted line that will look great on a slender body type.

Estimated size: XS
Material: Cotton
Label: Lanz original
Condition: Excellent

Collar: 8.5″ – 21.5cm
Shoulders: 13.2″ – 33.5cm
Bust: 16.2″ – 41cm
Waist: 12.8″ – 32.5cm
Hips: 18.8″ – 48cm
Hem: 23.2″ – 59cm
Length: 34″ – 87cm
Belt length no including the blue cord: 25″ – 64cm
Belt width: 2.2″ – 5.5cm


Lanz mini dress with green and blue honeycomb 2


Lanz mini dress with green and blue honeycomb 3


Lanz mini dress with green and blue honeycomb 4