Bicycling through Japan in Watercolor – the stunning work of Mateusz Urbanowicz

bicycle boy

In his series Bicycle Boy, Tokyo-based Polish artist Mateusz Urbanowicz follows a day-in-the-life of a boy bicycling to his destination. Inspired by the animated Studio Ghibli movie Whisper of the Heart, he first created a watercolour illustration which quickly got attention and spread through the Internet. Following this, he decided to make a 10 piece series about the “bicycling-it-hard-boy through his day as he fights to reach his goal”.
Via Creative Boom.

Orange and navy short sleeve novelty print shift dress

Orange and navy novelty print short sleeve shift dress 1


This is a Japanese 1970’s short sleeve shift dress, gorgeous with its long row of round buttons. The fabric is a medium weight polyester novelty print with tones of orange and white on navy and blue. The dress is unlined, and can be worn with or without a belt.


Size:  Japanese size 13 (would fit M best)
Material:  polyester, unlined
Condition:  excellent
Care:  easy


Neck:   7″1/4  –  18.5cm
Shoulders:   15″3/4  –  40cm
Bust:   20″3/4  –  53cm
Waist:   20″1/2  –  52cm
Hips:   22″  –  56cm
Hem:   25″  –  64cm
Length:   38″1/4  –  97.5cm
Sleeves length:   8″1/2  –  22cm
Sleeves width at the end:   6″1/4  –  16cm


Available on Etsy.


Orange and navy novelty print short sleeve shift dress



Orange and navy novelty print short sleeve shift dress


On Messy Messy Chic: From Corsets to Culottes – The Women who Dared to Change Wimbledon

Wimbledon vintage fashion

It is astonishing to think that in in the tournament’s earlier days, women were expected to make a decent serve dressed in full-length skirts, corsets, and a bulky shirt: the ‘tennis whites’ of the time. It took some real champions to make a name for women in tennis…
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