Welcome to Bijou Caillou Vintage! 
My name is Marie, I’m from France and have been living in Tokyo, Japan for over ten years. This amazing city is a perpetual treasure trove for us lovers of vintage and antique. In 2015 I started my own handmade jewelry line made of upcycled Japanese vintage items, and Bijou Caillou with its Etsy Store was born. This site, Bijou Caillou Vintage, is a natural continuation in the line of its older sister, and aims at finding and showcasing the best of Japanese vintage clothing found during my field trips to my favourite Tokyo flea markets. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing these pages!

Feel free to contact me at bijoucaillouvintage(at)gmail.com for any question.

Love from Tokyo!


Bijou Caillou Vintage About


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I just discover your blog. I look forward in reading you more in the weeks to come. I’m also a vintage lover with a strong interest in socio-eco-friendly product. Speak to you some more soon. -Dominique

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