Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress

Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 1

I received this dress from my friend Tonia in Basel. It is not Japanese vintage but I like it very much and I think it deserves a feature on this blog. The dress is in clear 1930’s style so I am tagging it with 30’s even if it is probably not as old as that. I love the bias cut of the skirt with its uneven hemline (slightly longer on the sides and shorter in the middle). I also like the stylish sleeve placket, uncharacteristically placed at the back of the arm. A beauty!


Size: S
Material: Viscose
Label: King Louie
Condition: Excellent


Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 2


Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 3


Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress 4


3 thoughts on “Petroleum blue cache-coeur dress

  1. Wow, it looks fantastic! I think it was made for the dress form, or vice versa, but I’d be even happier if you wore it! Take it out for Italian and karaoke, for example!

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    • Thank you Tonia! Doesn’t it look great! Actually… we are going for our favourite Italian tomorrow, I might take the dress form out for dinner to show it off 🙂 Oh wait, you’re right, it fits me too!! I’m still hesitating between this one and the white blouse. And the fluff skirt on Sunday to go to the fluff shop 🙂


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